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Nonviolent Communication Program for Youth - Annual Update

Updated: Apr 24

In 2020, we inaugurated our transformative program for high school seniors at Santo Tomás Chía, cultivating a compassionate online space for students, parents, and teachers. This inclusive setting provided a platform for empathetic sharing, crafting feelings and needs cards, and implementing the No Fault Zone Navigation board, tailored to the ages (15 to 17) and their cultural context.

Accomplishments and Impact:

  • Provided complimentary classes to families and granted university scholarships, supporting students like Paula, Luisa, Valeria, and Nicolas.

  • The initial two scholarship recipients are now in their 7th semester, while subsequent years saw one student per year receiving a scholarship.

  • The original donor continues to support the university fees of these four students.

Evolution and Curriculum:

  • Named "PAZCIENCIA" in 2023, our curriculum incorporates Nonviolent Communication, understanding the brain and nervous system responses, peer mediation, and mindfulness practices.

  • Unfortunately, financial constraints compelled the discontinuation of the university scholarship.

Future Endeavors (2024):

  • We started this year program with 14 students on April 23 and will end on October, 2024.

  • We expanded outreach to 10th and 11th-grade students for the hybrid program.

  • We will collaborate with guest teachers from the US, Mexico and Canada to cover brain modules, relational biology and peer mediation.

  • Families will receive the program for free with support from a new donor and the school.

  • This year we have received 726 USD from a donation to cover the costs of the program. We shorten the program to be able to continue.

Student Testimonies: Participants have reported transformative impacts:

  • Enhanced self-knowledge

  • Reduced judgment and increased empowerment

  • Improved comfort with honest expression

  • Greater willingness to listen empathically

How You Can Contribute:

To sustain and expand our impactful program, we humbly seek financial support. Your generous contribution will help us reintroduce the university scholarship and ensure the continued success of the Nonviolent Communication Program for Youth.

We would like to find an organization that promotes access to education and can helps us to grant one university scholarhip per year.

If you are willing to contribute, please visit our donation page or contact us at for more information.

Another ways of contributing include donating time, being a guest teacher, helping us with graphic design and social media.

Thank you for considering this request and being a crucial part of nurturing empathetic communication among our youth.

First Class 2024

Parts Map with feelings and needs

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