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Mediation in Bogotá. Member Spotlight: Claudia Sanchez

Mediation Program in Colombia

Claudia’s long-term goal as a mediator is to start a mediation program in Colombia. She is open to partnerships on fostering a network of professionals passionate about education and mediation. She hopes to collaborate with such professionals to create a curriculum. She stated, “I also want to add nonviolent communication as a key tool for mediators and need resources for this larger goal.”

Throughout her career, Claudia has been responsible for many projects in the field of education and mediation. However, when the pandemic occurred, she got involved with a project in a school near Bogota, where senior students, their parents, and teachers learn about their emotions and needs. They offered tools to identify ways they could refocus when facing reactive emotions. This project provided all members with the opportunity to enhance their communication skills to communicate better with their families, friends, colleagues. She said, “it was a safe space to express and learn how to listen with respect, acknowledging, empathy.” In November, they had to close down the project, but she expressed feeling touched by the student testimonies and how some could express themselves with more assertiveness and calmness. Read more here.

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